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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have doubts or seek information here you can find all the basic information about the service ViaMilano The Flight Connection.
  • Is ViaMilano a free service?

    Yes. ViaMilano is a free, innovative service offered by SEA, the company that runs Milan’s airports.

  • Who is eligible for ViaMilano?

    All passengers with a combination of two different airline tickets, issued for the same passenger, even with different airlines (low cost and traditional), with the flight in and the flight out from Malpensa (where the destination of the flight from Malpensa is not the same as the city the flight in departed from) within 24 hours of the first flight’s arrival, where the airlines involved do not organise any transit service themselves.

  • What should I do when I land at Malpensa?

    On the day of your flight, once you land at Malpensa, collect your luggage and hand it in to the ViaMilano transit desk.At the ViaMilano transit desk, you’ll be given a ViaMilano Program card that will be topped up for free with the following immediately available services:

    - Access to the Fast Track lane to speed up airport security checks;
    - Unlimited and free Wi-Fi access using smartphones, tablets or laptops;
    - A shopping voucher worth €10 you can spend in the airport’s shops with a minimum purchase of €40;
    - Dedicated rate at Sheraton Malpensa Hotel.

  • How can I benefit from the free Fast Track service?

    To use the fast track service, just place the ViaMilano Program card next to the barcode reader near the Fast Track desk.

  • How do I use the €10 voucher?

    You are eligible for a €10 voucher that can be spent in all participating airport shops. Show the shop assistant your ViaMilano Program card when you pay for your goods so you can ask for your voucher and start collecting points if you want to join the loyalty scheme run by Milan's airports.

  • Can I spend the voucher in any airport shop?

    You can spend your voucher in all the affiliated shops in Malpensa Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, except for newsagents/tobacconists, catering establishments (bars, cafés, pizzerias, restaurants, etc.) and car rentals, with a minimum purchase of €40. You'll find all the details in the brochure given to you with the voucher. For more details, visit the terms and conditions page for this service on the website.

  • How do I join the ViaMilano Program?

    Once you've registered at the desk, you will receive an e-mail with a user ID and password for your first access to the ViaMilano Program website. You can complete your enrolment in the loyalty scheme run by Milan's airports by going to the reserved ‘My details’ area and clicking on ‘ViaMilano Program registration’. Once you accept our terms and conditions, you’ll become a member of the ViaMilano Program.

  • Can I pick up my airline ticket in the airport?

    No, ViaMilano is a service that can combine flights from traditional and low-cost airlines that go through Malpensa, but it does not sell or issue airline tickets. To buy your flight tickets, you can use the direct link to our partner websites or contact a travel agent.

  • Does ViaMilano work if the flight in and the flight out are from the same terminal?


  • Does ViaMilano apply to Linate airport as well?

    No, ViaMilano is a system that operates in Malpensa Terminal 1 and 2 only.

  • What should I do if I miss my flight?

    ViaMilano offers a free insurance policy to passengers who register at least 6 hours before the scheduled departure time of their incoming flight. The policy covers the refund of a replacement ticket1. The insurance covers flights with a minimum connection time of 90 minutes between flights from the same Terminal and 100 minutes for flights from different Terminals. The policy specifies that the delay of the incoming flight must be such that it impedes you to board the connecting flight. The refund includes the cost of a replacement flight, hotel, taxi and meals. For more details please read the terms and conditions of insurance.
    1Within the maximum coverage limits as indicated in the summary document of the policy.

  • Will a flight leaving from MXP wait for a ViaMilano passenger who is late because his/her earlier flight in is delayed?

    No, airlines are very strict about schedules and punctuality and they usually don't wait for any passengers.

  • Where are the ViaMilano desks located?

    Our desks are near Arrivals in each terminal, in the baggage reclaim area. They are clearly marked and instantly recognisable:
    • T1 Schengen
    • T1 non-Schengen
    • T2

  • What is the maximum size of luggage allowed?

    When you buy two flights with different airlines you need to make sure that your luggage will comply with the baggage allowances established by each airline. Nevertheless, you will be given all the necessary details when you buy your airline ticket. Should you exceed baggage allowances, this will be handled in accordance with the airline's own procedures.

  • What happens if you find out that your luggage has been lost or damaged when you get to your destination?

    You need to talk to the airline/lost&found service of your destination airport.

  • What happens when passengers declare that their baggage contains valuable goods/currency?

    Such luggage needs to be accepted by the airline's own desk.

  • How does the Airport Bus T1-T2, connecting the two terminals, work?

    There is a free shuttle service that runs every 7 minutes between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.