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ViaMilano Service

Are there no direct flights taking you to the place of your dreams? Are you looking for the ideal fare for your journey? During your trip, do you need to go through Milan for business reasons or simply to visit the city? ViaMilano The Flight Connection is the solution to all your needs. In fact, it is the service provided free of charge by Milan Airports.


The ViaMilano service helps you, thanks to its innovative flight search engine, to find the solution that best suits your travel needs in accordance with your time and budget.

How? The booking engine of ViaMilano combines flights of all airlines1 operating at Malpensa airport, showing you how to reach your destination with a layover at Malpensa.

In particular, during transit, it offers you exclusive assistance free of charge, assistance that otherwise would not be provided by the airline companies, including: AXA Assistance insurance, transport of luggage, pre check-in for your next flight, Fast Track access, unlimited Wi-Fi connection, a 10€ shopping voucher and much more.


ViaMilano service helps you, thanks to his innovative flights search engine, to find the best travel solution, more suited to your time and budget needs. How? ViaMilano facilitates connections between flights run by different companies, both low cost and traditional, along all the flight segments served by Milan Malpensa Airport.

If for example you want to go from Catania to New York and you cannot find any direct flight from Catania, the innovative engine ViaMilano will show you combinations of low cost and traditional airlines that are usually not found in the most popular search sites flights. In this way, ViaMilano The Flight Connection allows you to reach over 180 destinations worldwide with a convenient, beneficial and secured transit through Milan Malpensa.

Unlike all traditional flight search engines, ViaMilano offers you the combination of routes from airlines that do not have commercial agreements between them. In this case normally, the airlines concerned do not offer assistance in transit and it is precisely for this reason that ViaMilano offers a free transit assistance.

But remember: to use the free service offered by ViaMilano you don’t necessarily have to buy flights through our website. In fact, you can buy your tickets separately wherever you prefer, making sure that there are, however, at least 90 minutes between the two flights, in case they both operate on the same terminal of Malpensa, or at least 100 minutes in case they both operate on different Terminal.

For your information, at Terminal 2 of Malpensa you can only find easyJet flights while all other airlines operate on Terminal 1.
A completely free service, very beneficial and absolutely reliable, offered and guaranteed by Milan Airports authority. Would you like your journey to go like clockwork? Choose ViaMilano The Flight Connection.

1Provided that there is a gap of 90 minutes between the two flights (if both are served by the same terminal) or 100 minutes (if you are arriving in one terminal and leaving from the other)..


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